Information on La Cullera


La Cullera is a new Restaurant in Alghero from a  family with a rich history of Restaurant in Sardinia, which serves a traditional cuisine, surprising, to travelers and locals, curious to try a cuisine that follows tradition in an innovative way.

We chose a great location near the harbor which is easy to get to, but far enough away to offer you a calm and cultured environment. We want it to be a destination that people want to visit several times.
Imagine a funky atmosphere, a relaxing environment and people who take care of serving truly exceptional traditional Sardinian dishes. Naturally, complemented by very special wines and spirits. Like many coastal resorts, our specialty is fresh fish. We simply love to take the incredible ingredients that nature needs us and cook them to perfection. In addition, some of our dishes are raw, with a selection of sauces that highlight the beauty of the land and the sea to tickle and tease the taste buds. For example, our selection of seafood and appetizers will delight your palate and prepare you for many delicious things to come. La Cullera is a family business run by Fabio. We invite you to join us and we look forward to welcoming you as a family.